Multidirectional non formal education center of Aizkraukle district is an educational institution founded by Aizkraukle municipality, which implements interest education programs, non-formal education of young people and adults, and organizational and methodological activities of interest education. The Institution is an instrument for the implementation of municipal youth work and adult education.
The target audience of the Institution is:
1. children and young people;
2. adults without age restrictions.
The purpose of the Institution’s activities is to promote the development of skills and abilities of the Institution’s target audience interests, individual needs and wishes, regardless of age and previous education.
The main objectives of the Institution in the work of interest education are:
1. to develop and implement interest education programs;
2. to organize the education of the interests of children and young people, creating optimal conditions for their intellectual development, cultivating interests, abilities and talents, self-education and creative work, career choice;
3. to involve children and young people from social risk groups in the activities of the Institution, to promote their integration into society;
4. to perform informative education of interest education in Aizkraukle county;
5. to organize international, national, regional, county, city and Institution interest education events;
6. to promote the formation of a positive, socially active and responsible attitude of the educatee towards himself/herself, society, the environment and Latvia.
The main objectives of the Institution in working with young people:
1. to do direct work for young people, offering opportunities for useful leisure time;
2. to coordinate youth volunteering, initiative competitions, youth projects and camps;
3. to carry out coordination, planning, methodological supervision and the development of an information database in Aizkraukle county;
4. to develop proposals for a youth work strategy in Aizkraukle county and coordinate its implementation, provide methodical support for youth work in Aizkraukle, Jaunjelgava, Koknesne, Nereta, Pļaviņas associations and Skrīveri parish, county youth organisations and centres;
5. to ensure the implementation of youth policy in Aizkraukle county by promoting the participation of young people in decision-making process;
6. to coordinate the activities of the Youth Council of the Aizkraukle county;
7. to cooperate with non-governmental organisations of young people, support their activities in the county, promote youth participation in youth organisations, youth initiative groups;
8. to involve children and young people from social risk groups in the activities of the Institution, to promote their integration into society;
9. to develop projects to attract additional funding.
The main objectives of the Institution in working with adults:
1. to promote and manage the development of the adult education system in Aizkraukle county, expanding the opportunities for education and professional development of all individuals;
2. to organize the adult education learning process by developing and implementing further education and non-formal adult education programs in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments;
3. to organize a diverse educational process, when a person’s lifelong development and competitiveness in the labour market is ensured;
4. to organize conferences, seminars, other educational events related to lifelong learning;
5. to provide the public with information on current issues and opportunities in adult education, promoting adult education opportunities in Aizkraukle county and the nearest region;
6. to manage and coordinate adult education in the county by establishing a framework for cooperation with institutions, organisations and enterprises, as well as with education and education support institutions of other counties and republics, and with foreign education and education support institutions, information and experience sharing and joint projects;
7. to organize the development of projects for the improvement of the supply and availability of adult education, as well as to coordinate their implementation;
8. to provide methodological and consultative assistance in lifelong learning;
9. to promote the professional development of teachers working in the field of adult education;
10. to cooperate with the Latvian Adult Education Association, further education centres and departments of higher education institutions, Zemgale adult education centres and other organizations in order to achieve the goal of the educational institution.

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